Sao Paulo

In 2006 Sao Paulo, Brazil banned all outdoor signage. Here is an interesting article on the subject. This means no billboards on buildings, no advertisements on buses, no posting flyers in public place, no signs at all. As one can imagine this idea was met with some resistance, mostly by business people and those in the advertising profession. But oddly enough, the creative ad men ended up enjoying this new way. Instead of making traditional billboard style adverts creativity had to be exercised. Some citizens were also iffy, one citizen business man was quoted saying, “Signs keep people company as they walk down the streets.” This statement is pretty bizarre is thought about for too long.  It more or less says that in modern Sao Palo the signage is so prominent people go unnoticed. This seems like a sad state of affairs to me. A city without billboards seems rather appealing to me, and from the pictures I’ve been looking at, fairly beautiful.

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